Street Tree Management Plan

The Street Tree Management Plan (STMP) was created in 1983 after a two-year study by the Tree Advisory Task Force.  The Task Force, composed of City residents and staff, reviewed the street tree plantings and the existing conditions at the time, studying issues such as even-aged forests, monocultures, and species selection.  The resulting plan was approved by City Council in 1983 and has been in effect as ever since.  The Urban Forestry Section staff uses the plan as guidance for making decisions and carrying out their duties. 

The STMP defined guidelines and addressed important issues such as tree canopy density, solar access, species selection, replacement criteria, and public involvement.  The plan organized Palo Alto into 28 districts on 24-block maps and formalized a tree planting guide, an authorized tree species list for streets, a restricted species list, and untried species list.  The Urban Forestry Section's contractor recently completed a new street tree inventory and condition assessment update.  The STMP is currently in the process of being revised and updated with the new tree inventory data.  When finished, the revised STMP will be incorporated into the Urban Forest Master Plan.
Last Updated: Oct 22, 2012