Five-year Paving Plan

The Street Maintenance Program keeps and annually updates a five-year plan of streets to be repaired and paved. The plan primarily targets streets with the lowest pavement condition index (PCI) scores, however, streets that meet other factors such as traffic volume, current or planned bicycle lanes or boulevards, and utility project coordination are also considered for the plan. Coordination with utilities projects is particularly important to avoid cutting into streets that have been recently paved; this coordination is challenging due to the intensive ongoing work to upgrade utilities infrastructure throughout the city.

You can view the five-year plan either as a document listing the street segments or as a map showing the street segments for each year using the links below.

The five-year plan is limited to streets that will be newly paved.  This paving plan is tentative and subject to change. Changes can occur for a number of reasons, including unplanned or emergency utilities projects, fluctuations in bid prices for street paving contracts, large private development projects, and updates to pavement condition index scores during the survey of all City streets that is completed every two years. Preventive maintenance work (also called slurry sealing) involves a much greater number of street segments than paving, and is more subject to change from year to year. For those reasons, we don't publish a five-year plan for preventive maintenance.

Plan for Major Streets

One of the goals of the Street Maintenance Program is to have excellent street conditions on the most-traveled streets in the City. In the last two years, we have paved the southern half of Alma Street and all but one small segment of San Antonio Road.

Learn more about our upcoming plans for key routes.

Last Updated: Oct 3, 2017