Development Projects


Pending Development Projects

 Pending Projects - Commercial and "Mixed Use" development projects under Planning review within the City of Palo Alto.  Projects include major projects requiring Architectural Review Board (ARB) review and approval.  The ARB is charged with design review of all new construction, and changes and additions to commercial, industrial and multiple-family projects.  Mixed Use development projects are development proposals that have two or more land uses within the scope of the project, typically a project with both a commercial and residential component. 

Planning Applications Mapped - The City of Palo Alto has partnered with Buildingeye to launch a new interactive online tool that allows citizens and business owners to see what new planning applications are proposed for their neighborhood, as well as view a description and map of the project. The tool takes current and recently approved planning application records, including architectural and individual reviews, and puts them into a user-friendly map to make it easy for the public to see the latest planning applications in the City.  Click on the map below to use the interactive tool.

Click on Map to See Planning Projects and Project Details

 Palo Alto Map
Last Updated: Nov 16, 2017