Downtown Library

Address:   270 Forest Avenue  Palo Alto, CA 94301
Hours: Tues.- Sat. 10 am - 6 pm; closed Sunday & Monday.

Travel Directions

HIGHWAY 101 (South): Take the University Ave. exit, and turn right. Turn left at Bryant (in the Downtown area). Drive two blocks to the corner of Forest and Bryant. The entrance to the parking lot is to your right off Bryant after Forest. HIGHWAY 101 (North): Take the Embarcadero Rd West exit which will go back over the freeway. Continue along Embarcadero to Bryant Street. Turn right on Bryant. The entrance to the library parking lot will be to your left, off Bryant, right before Forest Ave.

HIGHWAY 280 (North & South): Take the Page Mill Rd. exit (Northbound travelers turn right; southbound travelers turn left). Follow Page Mill (which becomes Oregon Expressway as you cross El Camino), and exit Oregon at Alma Street "North". Proceed on Alma to Forest Ave., and turn right. Turn right on Ramona, and enter the library parking lot on your left.

EL CAMINO REAL (North & South): From Mountain View (northbound travelers) turn right at University Ave. and then right again at Bryant St. The library will be to your right at the corner of Bryant and Forest. From Menlo Park (southbound travelers), turn left on University Ave. and right on Bryant St. The entrance to the library parking lot is to your right off Bryant after Forest Ave.

BUS ROUTE: There is no easy access to the library. Bus or CalTrain to the Palo Alto Depot. Walk under the railroad tracks to University Ave, and go three blocks to Ramona St. Turn right on Ramona, and walk two blocks to Forest Ave.

PARKING: There is free parking at the rear of the library building as well as beneath the Civic Center located directly across the street. All street and lot parking is limited to two hours.


Downtown Library recently underwent an extensive renovation as the first phase of  building projects approved through Measure N.  Find out more about the  Library Building Projects.
Last Updated: Oct 3, 2017