Future Projects

The following is a list of approved technology-related projects that are targeted to start in fiscal year 2017. 

Office 365 Desktop Client Deployment - Upgrade all City staff from current Office 2010 client to the most current Office 365 client.

Data Center (DC) to Office Space Conversion Assessment - Assess the City's current DC and Telecom spaces located at the Civic Center on the 2nd floor and A Level garage in order to determine how to reconfigure and consolidate the infrastructure and enhance office space utilization.

Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) Implementation - Replace the City's aging training registration system with a contemporary solution.

Next Generation Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation - Migrate existing ERP system (SAP) to the cloud. The cloud solution will be determined as part of the results of the 2016-2017 ERP Evaluation project.

SharePoint Academy Design, Development, and Implementation - Design, develop, and provide a SharePoint Academy. This academy will provide an understanding of SharePoint features, functions, administration, and collaboration capabilities. Once the academy is developed it will be available to City staff for participation.

Last Updated: Jan 3, 2017