Kid's Corner

The most important time to learn about Fire Safety is when you are young and learning to be safe in every part of life.  Making fire safety fun is also key to remembering the lessons taught.

You can find some excellent games and lessons at the following sites.

The Great Escape

Smokey the Bear

Sparky the Fire Dog

Install. Inspect. Protect.

You can help your family to keep your home fire safe.
  Name your smoke alarm and make sure that he or she is taken care of throughout the year.  Ensure that the alarm is functioning and in good locations throughout your house.

Ensure that your children have heard the sound of the fire alarm so that when it is activated by smoke/fire they will recognize it.  Also practice your exit drills in the home (EDITH) so that when the alarm sounds they automatically know to get to their knees and to quickly make their way to the nearest exit.  Have a location outside your home that is safe to meet and ensure everyone has made it out safely.  Practice on a regular basis because practice ensures that no thought is needed when the emergency occurs, it becomes habit and will help to safe the lives of everyone in your family.

Girl Scouts:
A recent group of girl scouts from Compton, CA saw our page and recommended another resource for this page.  Follow this link to find "Home Improvements to Prevent Ktichen Fires."  Thank you so much for the suggestion.  Hopefully others will find some useful information through this site.

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2017