Linda Gass

Studio F-2

Textiles, Painting

Artist Statement

I am inspired by the connections between humans and the water and land that sustain them. In my work, I visually juxtapose vulnerability and resilience, past memory and future possibilities.
By blending painting with textile techniques I create multi-layered aerial landscapes and maps showing the human marks that affect our water resources. The aesthetic of beauty is important to my work; it helps make the seriousness of the subject matter more approachable.
I work in textiles because of the allure and luster of silk and the way I can sculpt the material through stitching to convey terrain. I also like the familiar and comforting feel of textiles that comes from the integral and basic part they play in our lives.
I work in other mediums as well including installation (land art), glass, and mixed media and have been pursuing public art commissions.
I value being part of the Cubberley Artist Studio Program for the opportunity to engage on a daily basis with a community of artists working in different disciplines; these interactions can be inspiring, supportive, lead to serendipitous collaborations and new directions.

San Joaquin Merced Revival, 2012, Stitched Painting. Copyright © 2012 Linda Gass. Photograph by Don Tuttle

Owens River Diversion, 2012, Stitched Painting. Copyright © 2012 Linda Gass. Photograph by Don Tuttle

Wetlands Take Over, 2013, Stitched Painting. Copyright © 2013 Linda Gass. Photograph by Don Tuttle

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Watch Linda Gass interviewed by ABC News Weather Forecaster Spencer Christian about water conservation issues and what can be done.

Last Updated: Oct 3, 2017