Buckeye Creek Restoration Project

Project Description
Buckeye Creek is a tributary of Los Trancos Creek and then San Francisquito Creek, which eventually drains into the San Francisco Bay. Approximately one mile of Buckeye Creek flows through Wildhorse and Las Trampas Valleys of Foothills Park. At the downstream end of the Las Trampas Valley, the creek splits a 7.7 acres park land and flows through a series of culverts on private properties before discharging into Los Trancos Creek. The 7.7 acres park land was added to Foothills Park in 2014.
Photo: Buckeye Creek Deeply Incised Section in Las Trampas Valley

A significant portion of Buckeye Creek is channelized and deeply incised. During heavy storms, the creek downcuts and the eroded sediments wash downstream and deposit in various locations along the creek, especially along the 7.7 acres park land where the creek flattens out through a two acre section of the parcel. At some locations, the creek overflows during heavy rain events.

In July 2016, the City Council approved a contract with ENGEO to analyze the hydrologic and hydraulic conditions of the creek, and to provide recommendations to address erosion, sedimentation, and flooding issues and identify solutions for creek restoration.

Project Status
The project team presented the initial creek restoration design concepts in two community meetings held in December 2016 and June 2017, and Parks and Recreation Commission meeting in March 2017 to receive input. The preliminary concepts were also discussed with the Federal and State agencies’ representatives in February 2017 to obtain initial feedback. The draft project report with findings and recommended solutions will be discussed at the July Park and Recreation Commission meeting. Council will review the report in September/October 2017.

The design concepts have been developed for three areas including the section of the creek in the Wildhorse Valley, Las Trampas Valley and the 7.7 acres park land. These concepts are graphically shown in links below.

1) Wildhorse Valley

2) Las Trampas Valley

3) 7.7 Acres Park land

Construction Project Funding
There currently isn’t a project or funding to implement the recommendations in the Buckeye Creek Hydrology study.

Project Documents
Parks and Recreation Meeting – March 28, 2017, staff report and meeting materials

Contact Information
Community Services Department
Public Works Department
E: pwecips@cityofpaloalto.org

Project Manager: Daren Anderson
Project Engineer: Megha Bansal

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2017