Ceramic Artist Gurmeet Lamba Finds Inspiration at the Art Center

Ceramics artist Gurmeet Lamba, who will be exhibiting and selling his unique wares at this year’s Holiday Sale at the Art Center on December 2, said he is excited about the event for a couple of reasons.

Gurmeet  Lamba

Margo Plageman Enjoys Taking Jewelry from Concept to Three Dimensions

Jewelry artist Margo Plageman says that her creations do not always turn out the way she imagined, but that she always enjoys the challenge of turning her ideas into something wearable.

Margo Plageman

Palo Alto Art Center Ceramics and Jewelry Studio Holiday Sale: December 2, 10 a.m.–5 p.m.

Artists from the Art Center’s Open Jewelry Studio and Ceramics programs will have original work for sale to suit all your holiday needs on Saturday, December 2, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. at the Palo Alto Art Center.

Katy Shihhui Huang Ceramics

Photography Instructor Curt Fukuda Likes to be the Man Behind the Image

Although Art Center photography instructor Curt Fukuda has had a couple brushes with fame over the course of his professional career, he prefers to be the man behind the camera; the person telling the story through images and a narrative thread.

Curt Fukuda

Studio Program Director Believes in the Magic of Printmaking

If you were to ask Art Center Studio Program Director Fanny Retsek whether she believes in magic, she says “yes”—she believes in the magic of printmaking.

Fanny Retsek

Donor Profile: Jan Schachter

When Jan Schachter came to Palo Alto from New York in 1978, one of the first things she did was to become a member of the Palo Alto Art Center Foundation.

Jan Schachter

Kija Lucas uses Photography to Examine Cognitive Loss, Make Connections

For artist and photographer Kija Lucas, photography has always been about more than chronicling a single moment captured in time. In her career, Lucas has explored the power of photography to document place, identity, and most recently, the challenges of living with cognitive loss.

Kija Lucas

Donor Profile: Susan Christiansen
As a patron of the Palo Alto Art Center for more than 40 years, Susan Christiansen appreciates the Art Center on both a global and local level. “The Art Center is truly a foundation of national and statewide movements in art,” she says. “On a local basis, it brings the larger things in art down to a neighborhood level.”
Sue Christiansen

The Power of Photography Celebrated during Art Center’s Summer of Photography
Celebrate the creative and expressive potential of photography during the Palo Alto Art Center’s Summer of Photography program beginning in June.
From Kija Lucas' %22Collections from Sundown%22 exhibition

Instructor Sharon Reich got an Early Start to Art
Art Center instructor Sharon Reich always knew the path she wanted to follow from a very early age, as evidenced by the fact that she started taking art courses at the local high school—while still enrolled in elementary school.

Design Thinking Class Empowers Teens to Fight Climate Change
Teens interested in learning the design process, creating change, and exploring a new way of thinking all while helping the Sierra Club fight climate change should check out the Palo Alto Art Center’s new Design Thinking class beginning April 13. The course, aimed at teens ages 14-18, will use the Stanford process of interviewing for insight, conducting empathy fieldwork, synthesizing findings into compelling needs, ideating radical design alternatives, and prototyping. Click the link for the full story!

Project Look Docents Find Working with Kids to be a Rewarding Experience
The Palo Alto Art Center’s Project Look program serves more than 5,000 schoolchildren every year with an interactive, inquiry based exhibition tour and a related hands-on art activity. And the program would not be possible without the dedicated support of our volunteer docent group. Click on the link to learn more!
Volunteer Docents Yael Vanek and Karen Yi-Shan Chou

Art Center Boasts a Swedish Connection
With the addition of Denise Laxén di Zazzo as the new Family, Teen & Outreach Coordinator, the Palo Alto Art Center now has a Swedish connection. Denise comes from Palo Alto’s sister city in Sweden, Linköping, where she worked as a museum educator and project leader. She also served as a museum director, curator and the individual in charge of all public art for the nearby of Motala in Sweden.

Guest Ceramics Instructor Kevin Kowalski Unlocks the Secrets of Mocha Diffusion Pottery

Guest ceramics instructor Kevin Kowalski, who will be conducting workshops on mocha diffusion pottery at the Art Center on April 8 and 9, is living his dream of teaching others how to work with clay and create distinctive ceramics.


The Art Cart Rolls Into the Art Center

The Art Center is excited to debut The Art Cart—an activity cart filled with art supplies and activities for use in and outside our galleries! Created after more than a year of research and planning, the Cart is intended to provide families with engaging creative activities they can do together.


Meet Michal Niv!
The Art Center welcomes Michal Niv as one of our newest ceramics instructors! Michal will be teaching with us on Thursday nights.

Meet new ceramics instructor Julia Feld!
The Art Center welcomes Julia Feld, who will teach Thursday morning ceramics classes at the Art Center.

Artist Lisa Solomon's Color Meditations with Teens

Color is such an integral part of our lives. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the mood we are in is all linked by our personal preferences for color. Culture also influences. Ultimately, the thing that is so compelling about color is that it is completely and unarguably subjective and personal.—Lisa Solomon

Thanks to a generous grant from the California Arts Council’s Artists Activating Communities Program, the Palo Alto Art Center partnered with Oakland-based artist Lisa Solomon to create a series of workshops for teens focused on color and meditation. In the workshops, Solomon employed a process similar to a warm-up activity she utilizes for her own work—small, water color paintings in which she explores color through repetition of a simple shape. The exercise both clears her mind and get “into the zone” for further creative explorations.


Interview with Spectral Hues Guest Curator Sharon Bliss

The Art Center relies on guest curators from time to time to bring a fresh perspective to our exhibitions. This year, we’ve engaged Sharon E. Bliss to curate the winter exhibition Spectral Hues: artists + color exhibition, which runs at the Art Center January 21-April 9. In the interview below, Bliss shares some behind-the-scenes experience about her work on the exhibition.


Welcome the Art Center's new Curator Selene Foster
The Art Center is delighted to introduce our new Curator, Selene Foster! Selene started at the Art Center in 2014 as the part-time Exhibitions Coordinator, helping to coordinate logistics around shipping, registration, and installation for the Art Center’s exhibitions program . She recently co-curated the incredibly popular exhibition Bird in the Hand in early 2016. Selene is also the co-founder and Executive Director of BAASICS (Bay Area Art & Science Interdisciplinary Collaborative Sessions)—organizing interdisciplinary programs around art and science, and the North American Exhibitions Coordinator for the Museum of Broken Relationships. Selene holds an MFA from Mills College and a BA from Bard College.

Join the Art Center’s Community of Docents

Wanted: People of all ages and backgrounds to serve as docents for the Art Center, to lead elementary school students on gallery tours and support hands-on art activities. No experience necessary, will train. Must be committed to fun, exploration, and learning! The aforementioned description summarizes what the Art Center is looking for as recruitment is now underway throughout the summer for docents to lead Project Look tours for K-8th grade students from local schools.


Donor Profile: Peggy and Yogen Dalal
Learn more about Palo Alto Art Center Foundation donors Peggy and Yogen Dalal and their passion for the Palo Alto Art Center.

Donor Profile: Madeline Paterson
Five decades is a long time to be involved with the ongoing success of the Art Center, but Palo Alto Art Center Foundation donor and lifelong art student Madeline Paterson is still going strong.
Madeline Paterson

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2017