2017 City Council Priorities

At their 2017 retreat on Jan. 28, the Council adopted five priorities as their 2017 priorities: 

  • Transportation
  • Infrastructure
  • Healthy City/Healthy Community
  • Budget and Finance
  • Housing 

Several are continuations from last year – Infrastructure, Healthy City/Healthy Community, as well as Housing and Transportation that were included under last year’s “Built Environment” priority. The new addition of business and finance reflects the Council’s focus on addressing long term budget challenges including employee pension costs. With the completion of the Comprehensive Plan on the horizon for 2017, the Council agreed that it didn’t need to be a separate priority, but chose to make both transportation and housing individual priority areas. Council plans to identify specific projects under each priority that it would like to complete or make progress on in 2017.

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2017