Office of the City Auditor

"To promote honest, efficient, effective, and fully accountable city government."

The Office of the City Auditor (OCA) conducts performance audits and reviews of City departments, programs, and services. Performance audits provide the City Council, City management, and the public with independent and objective information regarding the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of City programs and activities. The OCA coordinates the annual citizen survey and issues the annual City of Palo Alto Service Efforts and Accomplishments report summarizing costs, workload, and performance results for City services with selected data for the last five years.

The OCA contracts with an independent certified public accountant for the City’s annual external financial audit. The OCA also conducts and coordinates revenue monitoring in areas such as sales and use tax, property tax, transient occupancy tax and utility user’s tax.

Each fiscal year, the OCA presents an annual audit work plan for City Council approval. The OCA reports quarterly to the City Council on the status of audit projects and annually on the status of open audit recommendations.

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2018 City of Palo Alto Performance Report

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