Administrative Services


  Welcome to the Administrative Services Department

Kiely Nose is the department Director and is responsible for the following divisions/functions:


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    Open Budget

Learn more about the City of Palo Alto's transparency tool Open Budget. Five (5) years of budget and actual data for any City fund, department or line item.


(650) 329-2692 
The goal of the Administration Division is to provide leadership for the department, to guide the departmental focus, and to work on special projects as assigned by the City Manager or the Department Hea


The goal of the Accounting division is to process, record and report citywide financial transactions. 

Governmental Fund Accounting (650) 617-3105
Enterprise Accounting  (650) 329-2583
Accounts Payable  (650) 329-2399
Payroll Processing (650) 329-2340


The Office of Management and Budget

(650) 329-2260
The mission of the Budget Division is to develop and publish the operating and capital budgets annually. The Budget Division also supports special studies by performing financial, organizational, and policy analyses of issues and programs. 


Money Management/Treasury

 (650) 329-2362

The mission for the Money Management/Treasury division is to safely manage the City's cash, invest funds according to the City's Investment Policy and State code, and to facilitate debt financing when required.  

Purchasing and Contract Administration

(650) 329-2271

Purchasing and Contract Administration is charged with the responsibility of purchasing and contracting for all of the goods and services utilized by the City. In addition, it provides property disposal services.

Real Estate and Property Management

(650) 329-2264

The goal of the Real Estate Division is to manage and efficiently utilize City-owned properties to maximize monetary and non-monetary benefits. The Division acquires, leases, and sells property or property rights of way for public use and improvement projects such as utility facilities, parks, museums and community centers. They also acquire all easements needed for utilities services and, at the request of the property owner, vacates (abandons) or any easements no longer used or needed by City utilities. In addition, along with the Palo Alto Housing Corporation and the Department of Community Development and Planning, the Division administers the City's Below Market Rate Housing program. 

Revenue Collections

(650) 329-2317

 Revenue Collections is responsible for the collection of City Revenue generated from utility billings, the sale of parking permits, transient occupancy tax payments, parking citation payments ,utility user tax payments and miscellaneous accounts receivable invoices. The office is open to the public, which allows staff members to provide personalized assistance to customers who have concerns or issues.