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Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017

Infrastructure Blue Ribbon Commission (IBRC)


IBRC Overview

Formation of the IBRC began in early 2010 and has resulted in the creation of a 17 member, City Council appointed citizen commission charged with advising the City Council on how Palo Alto’s infrastructure backlog might be reduced.

The IBRC will be advising the City Council on items such as how the infrastructure backlog should be prioritized, how a reduction of the infrastructure backlog can be financed, and how do Palo Alto’s project cost estimates compare with other jurisdictions. 

The IBRC is lead by Co-Chairs Ray Bacchetti and Leland Levy and is supported by City of Palo Alto staff including representatives from the City Manager’s Office, Public Works, and Administrative Services.

IBRC Calendar

IBRC Committee Members (17)

  • Ray Bacchetti (Co-Chair)
  • Marc Berman
  • David Bower
  • Ralph Britton
  • Brent Butler
  • Mark Harris
  • Stephen Levy
  • Leland Levy (Co-Chair)
  • Patricia Markevitch
  • John Melton
  • Mark Michael
  • Jim Olstad
  • Alex Panelli
  • James Schmidt
  • Robert Stillerman
  • Greg Tanaka
  • Gary Wetzel

IBRC Staff

Lalo Perez
Director of Administrative Services
(650) 329-2675

Mike Sartor
Interim Public Works Director
(650) 329-2270

Phil Bobel
Interim Assistant Public Works Director
(650) 496-6951

Joe Saccio (Staff Liaison)
Deputy Dir. of Administrative Services
(650) 329-2288

Elizabeth Ames (Staff Liaison)
Senior Engineer for Public Works
(650) 329-2502

Richard Hackmann
City Manager’s Office
(650) 617-3174

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