Cubberley Community Advisory Committee

The Cubberley Community Advisory Committee (CCAC) consists of seven neighborhood representatives, one commercial retail representative, four Parent Teacher Association (PTA) representatives, four Cubberley tenant representatives, one community arts & services representative, one Parks & Recreation Commission representative, one Planning & Transportation Commission (P&TC) representative, one Acterra representative, one Palo Alto Bicycle Advisory Committee (PABAC) representative, one City/School Traffic Safety Committee (CSTSC) representative, one recreation and sports league representative, and five at-large and other community member representatives.

If you would like to submit any questions to the CCAC please email them to

The 2012 Cubberley Community Advisory Committee members are:

  • Ken Allen
  • Jerry August
  • Susan Bailey
  • Bern Beecham
  • Michael Bein
  • Lessa Bouchard
  • Brian Carilli
  • Mike Cobb (Co-Chair)
  • Damian Cono
  • Tom Crystal
  • Penny Ellson
  • Sheri Furman
  • Jennifer Hetterly
  • Claire Kirner
  • Mandy Lowell (Co-Chair)
  • John Markevitch
  • Pam Radin
  • Diane Reklis
  • William Robinson
  • Rachel Samoff
  • Jim Schmidt
  • Tracy Stevens
  • Greg Tanaka
  • Susie Thom
  • Tom Vician
  • Lanie Wheeler
  • Jean Wilcox
  • Anne Wilson