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PRESS RELEASE 11/12/2014
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City and School District Agree On Main Terms of Updated Cubberley Lease
City Council and School Board to Consider At Upcoming Meetings
Contact : Molly Stump, City Attorney    650/329-2171
Dr. Glenn “Max” McGee, PAUSD Superintendent    650/329-3737
Palo Alto, CA – The City of Palo Alto staff and the Palo Alto Unified School District staff have come to an agreement on the main principles of an updated lease for the Cubberley site.  The lease amendment is intended to be in place for five years and lays a foundation for a long-term collaboration between the City and the School District. The City Council will consider the lease agreement at its regular meeting on November 17.   The PAUSD Board discussed the item at its meeting today and will consider taking action on November 18.    

"The main concepts included in the revised lease reflect the progress that we have made, as well as the commitment that we have to work together on maintaining Cubberley and planning for its future," said City Manager James Keene. “I am so pleased with how productive my conversations with School Superintendent Max McGee have been.  This agreement symbolizes a stronger bond between city and schools in Palo Alto.”

The main changes to the lease include the District's agreement to drop the covenant not to develop and the City’s agreement to annually reinvest the $1.86 million covenant funding into a Property Infrastructure Fund.  In consultation with the District, the funds will be used by the City for repair, renovation, and improvement of the Cubberley infrastructure and site.  In addition, the lease terms include a commitment by the City and PAUSD to jointly develop a master plan for the entire Cubberley site within five years. 

Superintendent Glenn “Max” McGee shared, “Cubberley is an important community resource. We are indebted to the strong foundation the Cubberley Community Advisory Committee (CCAC) laid for us in their final report and presentation in both substance and tone. Their hard work did not go unnoticed and made an important contribution to these discussions.  It is clear that when the PAUSD Board of Education and the City Council can resolve apparent differences through compromise and collaboration, the entire community benefits.”

The City’s continued lease of Cubberley space and land from the School District for community use, daycare and recreation continues in the new lease. 

The original agreement, first signed 25 years ago, established a partnership between the City and the School District for the long-term use of the Cubberley site.